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Software Testing And QA Consulting Company 

QA is an abbreviated term for Quality assurance. Let us understand each term individually first to have a better idea about how it can be beneficial for your business organization in enhancing the ultimate customer satisfaction. 

Quality is an attribute that is extremely difficult to define on general grounds. It wouldn't be wrong to quote that the quality is all about meeting the expectations and needs of the end customer in the best possible way. Here the expectation of the client or end customer can be in the form of functionality, durability, reliability, design, and the ultimate price of the products or services offered. 

While Assurance, on the other hand, means a positive and confident declaration of a product or a service offered by the company. It is nothing but just the confidence that the products or services provided to them are able to meet their expectations in the best possible way. 

When combined, quality assurance simply means assuring your customers that the services or products provided by the seller are of ultimate quality and are made to satiate their requirements, needs, and meeting their expectations. 

How Is Quality Assurance Inculcated In Software Testing Services?

QA consulting services, when combined with software testing, gives the best and at par results in terms of functionalities, features, and value for money. The prime focus of quality assurance is on improving the process of software development strictly by adding to the predetermined quality standards in order to fulfil the requirements of the clients. Sometimes quality assurance is interchangeably used with QA testing. In order to get the best quality assurance solutions, you must consider Cellebre Technologies because we believe in delivering nothing but quality and excellence. 

What Process QA Consulting Company Follows In Order To Satiate Your Requirements?

In order to deliver sheer quality software that helps our clients with improved functionalities, we follow a simple 4 step process. The steps of this are mentioned below. 

  1. The first and foremost step in the process of quality assurance is to plan. Planning is the baseline for creating something unique and optimum. In this stage, a legit plan is prepared to evaluate the roadways and the obstacles in the path of delivering high-end software products to the clients that can help them in every possible way. 

  2. The second stage is to execute the plan. In this stage, a lot of development and testing happens in order to analyze which all things are behaving as the contributor in providing quality services and which all elements need to be minimized or eliminated. 

  3. The third step is to check and monitor the end product to the primary plan. If there are no deviations in both of them, then you are undoubtedly ready to move ahead to the next stage. But, if at all any variation in the actual product than that of the predetermined pathway or plan comes into the picture, then the changes need to be made accordingly.

  4. Once you have an accurately tested software developed, it is now time for the final showdown. 

How Can You Make The Most Out of Quality Assurance?

  • Build a testing environment that is robust and practical.

  • Identify the release criteria by paying undivided attention. 

  • Allocate time to each process accordingly. 

  • Fixing bugs on the basis of software usage is not just essential but undeniable too.

  • Build a dedicated team to take care of the entire process. Also, differentiate the roles. 

What Are The Functions of Quality Assurance Solutions?

  • Transfer of the technology.

  • Validation.

  • Legit documentation.

  • Assuring and maintaining the quality of the deliverables.

  • Integrate quality improvement plans. 

What is The Difference Between Manual And Automated Software Testing?




Test Execution 

The entire execution is done automatically with the help of the automation scripts and tools.

The entire process is carried out manually with the help of QA testers.

Test Coverage

It is effortless to ensure and offers greater test coverage. 

It is comparatively difficult to ensure and the test coverage is also restricted. 

Types of Task 

Majority of the tasks can be automated.

All the tasks need to be carried out manually. 

Test Efficiency 

Takes less time in testing more data and also provides undisputable efficiency. 

It consumes much time and also the efficiency is not upto the mark.

Software QA Consulting Services 

Cellebre technologies are one of the indisputable and unshakable pioneers of the QA testing services because we work with a bottom line of providing hyper-intelligent solutions without compromising on the quality. We have a unique way to do in which firstly, we understand the client's expectations and requirements, then follow the four-step process of QA consulting and ultimately deliver a little more than what is expected from us.