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JavaScript (JS) is basically a form of web programming language with comprehensive support from almost all the popular tools and browsers. JavaScript developers usually have full control and power to build, modify, and enhance the websites and their applications. Believe it or not, almost one-third of the web developers, irrespective of the development platforms, require some knowledge of JavaScript. 

The developers who use JavaScripts programming language are usually the ones who work on the front-end of the website and its applications. However, they pair up with the backend developers to provide you with end-to-end development solutions for you that will contribute towards the enhancement of the functionality of your website and ease of use for your end customers or website visitors. 

Primarily the JavaScript developer is held responsible for programming, development, and implementation of the website. Their role or scope of work profile can vary based on their calibre and capabilities. Sometimes the JavaScript Developers are assigned to manage the entire programming of a website. At the same time, the newbies might be asked only to handle a single page or probably a couple of them. 

What Are The Different Types of JavaScript Framework & Libraries Available In The Market And How JavaScript For App Development is Going To Prove Beneficial?

There are various JavaScript Framework technologies available to help you in every possible way it can. Now it is time to have a look at them and understand them in brief so that it becomes easy for you to hire the best JavaScript development service, providers. 

  1. jQuery Development -  there are many websites present on the web that still use jQuery to develop basic document object models. The ultimate benefit of jQuery is that it is super easy to learn and implement. It makes you do work quickly and accurately. Moreover, the range of available resources or examples in the library then any other framework is comparatively more, making it easy to resolve any issues. Its prime focus is on performing specific tasks only, making it super efficient and quick. It is bagged up with a massive repository of project contributors, problem solvers and extended community support. 

  2. AngularJS Development - Angular framework works as a controller of MVCs. These are the necessary behaviour behind DOM components. Angular facilitates the development of new and unique actions that are both straightforward and natural. The sites developed with the help of Angular framework serve the two main components of a place, and that is the speed and performance, along with the incredible tooling. Because of the complexity of the coding, Angular framework technology is preferred more by the big shots instead of small and medium-sized business enterprises. Before starting with the Angular framework, it is essential for you to ensure that it is compatible with the browsers that your site supports. 

  3. React.js Development - React.js is usually considered as a framework when taking MVC (model view controller approach) into consideration. This is generally used for creating high-end and significant applications. One of the best parts about React.js is that it helps you in dealing with real facts because it does not assume anything irrelevant about the technology that you are going to use to control or model your data. It would be unfair to note that the price paid against the getting development done with the Angular framework also invites complexity. Or you can say the complexity comes underlined with the same. 

  4. MeteorJS Development - MeteorJS is basically a JavaScript framework popularly used by many developers across the globe because of its versatility, adaptiveness, and responsiveness. It is used in creating rapid prototyping and coding cross-platform web applications including android and iOS. One of the prominent features of MeteorJS is that it offers a uniformity in javascript code that is either for the client or the server. It also facilitates an easy programming interface with the help of APIs to design and deploy the application of software distribution. The Web Socket offers communication between the client and the server. 

  5. NodeJS Development - NodeJS is a framework that is widely used because some amazing yet unique features bag it. The product is more or less the same as jQuery because you don’t have to create user interfaces. With NodeJS, you are not required to build codes that are reactive in nature in a way that the client makes an event, and the server responds to that event almost promptly and in an effortless manner. The framework of NodeJS is so versatile that with the help of the framework, the developers can usually create backend applications, customer management systems, real-time service providing applications, blogs, APIs, utilities, social media applications, and many tools.

  6. JavaScript Plugin Development - Plugins are an integral part of the website and its applications only because it enhances the overall functionality and performance of the entire web and its components. With the help of JavaScripts, you can code some fantastic and well-finished plugins that will contribute towards increasing the overall performance. 

  7. D3 JS Development - Modern websites have to be dynamic in nature, and they should also be competitive enough to store, manage, and refresh data as required. Hence, the library that is entirely driven by the data is unique in a way that it prioritizes data before anything. One of the prominent advantages of D3 JAvaScript is that it is super flexible when it comes to handling content. Besides the flexibility, it also focuses on improving the overall speed by reducing the baggage of images in the media files. 

  8. Express JS Development - Express jS is also a javaScript web framework used for developing web applications to build super fast and in an effortless manner. It is super easy to configure and customize. Express JS incorporates many middleware modules which help perform tasks on response and also when requested. It is highly compatible and effortless to integrate with many unique template engines like Vash, Jade, EJS, and many more. 

Best JavaScript Development Services 

At Cellebre Technologies, We pay undivided attention in knowing the actual requirements of the clients. We help them by thoroughly understanding what all features and functionalities they want to include in their website or applications. Then we focus on getting a legit roadmap prepared which not only helps the clients get an idea about their end product but will also help us to abide by our commitments and delivering a little more than what is promised.