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PHP Development Company That Uses -  Laravel, and Codeigniter 

Web developments are all about creating and maintaining your websites and its overall framework. In more straightforward language web development is all about processes done at the back-end to make your website absolutely gorgeous, work faster, and without any lags. It is essential because this way you will be able to build a website that is user friendly, easily accessible, smooth navigation, quick to load and easy to reach to the target audience and fetch quality traffic. It becomes straightforward to grow your business in an online marketplace with a well coded, designed and optimized website. 

However, there are two sides to web development, one is the back-end, and another is front-end development. The front-end development looks after the overall look and feel of the website. It is keeping excellent UI and UX as the focal point. Usually, a front-end developer is responsible for everything that appears in front of you on the website. Be it the layout, themes, navigation, site speed, images, and many other things are solely taken care of by the front-end developer. 

Back-end is basically the backbone of the entire website. It is a place where all the data gathered from the website (front-end) is stored. The components of the back-end of the website incorporate the hosting server, database to collect & maintain the data, and an application or a CMS to bind everything together. However, there are many frameworks and technologies available in the market, but PHP is our absolute favourite. Do not believe us, Fair enough; let us just provide you with some substantial benefits of the PHP framework. 

What Are The Ultimate Benefits of PHP Web Development Services ?

  1. A website built on PHP framework guarantees comparatively faster load time than its competitive counterparts. PHP websites load faster because it runs on their own memory space. 

  2. One of the ultimate benefits of working with a PHP framework is that most of the tools it uses are open source software, so you actually don’t have to pay for it. This will help you save up on a lot of extra expenditures.

  3. PHP uses a Linux hosting server that can be brought from any hosting service provider without having to pay additional costs as compared to its other counterparts. 

  4. PHP framework promotes flexible databases, allowing you to connect to various databases. Most commonly used database is MySQL which can be used for free. But if using ASP, it has to be used by a purchased version offered by Microsoft. 

  5. Any sorts of customization or changes can be made easily made in the PHP framework. In short, making changes, or adding up something new is not just a challenging and daunting process anymore. 

In order to get your work done, you must hire a supremely talented PHP development company or a PHP web development services provider. PHP framework is further divided into various other technologies. But Laravel and Codeigniter remain at the top because of its ease of operations and usability. For you to understand what Codeigniter and Laravel are, We have listed some features below. 

Laravel Framework

  • It incorporates restful routing. 

  • Accommodates inherent database controlled versions. 

  • A custom PHP web development company will provide you with a framework that offers bundled with eloquent. 

  • It easily integrates composer, which is a tool used for managing applications for your third party’s integrations easily. 

  • It comes with built-in unit testing. A PHP development services provider will guide you through the entire process of testing. 

  • It is an easy to develop, learn, and test PHP framework. 

Codeigniter Framework

  • It allows you to develop great web using MVC patterns.

  • No matter of conflicts in PHP frameworks.

  • Coding in PHP Codeigniter is easy and hassle-free. 

  • It comes with Built-in helpers and libraries.

  • It incorporates cache classes. 

  • The server hosting required takes almost minimalistic or no space, making it lightweight and easy to load.

  • It is extremely easy to use and extend. 

Hire PHP Developers

You can absolutely trust Cellebre Technologies blindly when it comes to PHP development because at Cellebre we have highly experienced PHP developers that will firstly focus on understanding what your purpose behind getting a website developed with the help of PHP is. Post this, and they will try to understand what all features and functionalities you require to have in your website and hence will leave no stone unturned in delivering what is expected and promised. Cellebre Technologies is one of the best PHP development agency of the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh.