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Dot Net Development

.Net platform is basically made up of four components, primarily known as .Net Core, .Net Framework, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and Xamarin. All four parts incorporate various libraries and frameworks in order to build differentiating and unique applications. Before moving ahead, it is essential for you to understand all of the components as mentioned above in brief. 

Dot Net Development Framework

.Net framework was actually launched in the year 2002 and has been an absolutely first element of the platform. It further includes various crucial application models known as Windows Forms, WPF, and ASP.NET Forms, and Base Class Library (BCL). 

WPF is a UI framework that is used for creating graphical interfaces on Windows OS for desktop applications. It leverages the power of Extensible Application Markup Language. The Windows Forms are basically inbuilt GUI libraries in .Net framework. These are mainly used to make great quality graphics that are super easy to update and even deploy.

ASP Dot Net Development Services

Moving ahead to ASP .Net development services, these are primarily used for creating dynamic websites and its applications. While BCL, on the other hand, deals in a base framework like various classes in namespaces and classes of reusable interfaces. Going a bit in detail when FCL (framework class library) and CLR (common language runtime) when integrated together form .Net framework. You can always look forward to contacting Cellebre technologies because we are one of the best ASP.Net development firms. 

Furthermore, talking about .Net core, it was launched in the year 2016. It is an advanced and cross-platform structure of .Net framework. This framework allows you to hire dot net developers to create web and its applications on both macOS and Linux. Gone are the days where .Net developers have to restrict themselves on Windows interface. The .Net core focuses on cloud storage spaces. It also allows you to download the framework on a side by side basis at a single device. .Net core incorporates Universal Windows Platform as well as ASP.Net. 

ASP.Net core is an advanced version of ASP.Net that allows you to create backends of the mobile phones, web applications and its services. It is also one of the cross platforms and runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows. 

The third generation of the .Net prototype is the Xamarin. Xamarin is primarily used for building mobile applications and mac (apple) products. Microsoft independently designed it. Xamarin prototype uses mono runtime. It also uses an advanced version of the .Net framework that is usually liable to work with APIs android, iOS, and Xamarin mac. 

UWP, abbreviated for Universal Windows Platform is basically a standard type APIs, System, and application model for all the smart devices that run on Windows 10. It is perfectly compatible to make universal applications for tablets, mobiles, Xbox, surface, Internet of Things, HoloLens, Hub, and Xbox devices. 

Without Taking Much of Your Time, Let Us Just Give You The Ultimate Advantages of Dot Net Development And Hiring A Microsoft Dot Net Developer 

  1. It is based on object-oriented programming abbreviated as OOP. OOP is basically a development model that is held responsible for breaking up the entire software structure that is comparatively easy to manage and integrate. OOP identifies and describes the object’s behaviour and Content with the help of the declaration of classes of data fields. 

  2. It is one of the most reliable and effortless caching systems. In Layman’s language, caching means parking your data in a sort of temporary storage option so that you can quickly reconsider it whenever required. This data is gathered as per the previous access requests or the duplication of information that would have been stored in places that are not that easy to fetch data from. When it comes to .Net, the entire caching system is efficient and straightforward to use. The primary objective of the cache class is to allow full-stack dot net developers to enhance the overall web performance and can also scale windows client and applications of the server. 

  3. It is extremely easy to maintain and resolve issues or errors with it any casualty, or unforeseen situation happens. The community of .Net developers is comparatively big than that of their counterparts. Developers from various sizes of company, small, medium or big come together to help each other in case any error occurs. 

Cellebre technologies understand that every business is unique with its own sets of beliefs and methodologies. Hence, we first try to clearly understand what are the exact requirements of the clients then develop a prototype or a demo to show it to the clients. Once the client approves the prototype, we finally start building your scalable and result-oriented web or its applications.